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Akita Inu Breeders List in United States & Canada


About Us

Are you looking for a Japanese Akita In Canada Or U.S.A ?

This website has been designed to serve the Canadian and American community find their closest Japanese Akita / Akita Inu Breeders. Akita Inu is a breed that is hard to find and most breeders will most likely explain their waiting list for a puppy. Please note that we are a non profit Organization and we DO NOT suggest one kennel over another. To list your Kennel please email Akita@japaneseakita.ca

Akita Inu Canada
Location: Ontario, Canada
Ships to United States : Yes
Available Quality: House Dogs & Show Quality
Website: www.akitainu.ca
Email: akita@akitainu.ca


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Japanese akita california
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